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Friday, October 12, 2012

Baby Bump: Week 33


How far along? 33 weeks today.

Weight gain/loss: I made the mistake of watching the scale when they weighed me at my appointment this week.  I've gained almost 40 pounds.  Feeling okay about this since I'm pretty sure it's mostly baby.

Feeling: Tired and sluggish and achy most days.  But overall, the past couple days have been better.  So...I guess you could say all right?

Maternity clothes? My favorite purple shirt has made its reappearance for this pregnancy - yay!  I love this shirt so much that I actually bought another when when I saw it at the Kid's Closet consignment sale last week.  Now I can wear it practically every day!

Sleep: Lincoln slept through the night once this past week.  Once.  I guess he's trying to prep me for newborn sleep patterns?  I'm not sure what I'm going to do if he keeps this up once Addie arrives.

Food cravings: Only things I can't have, apple cider, Caesar salad, my wishlist pretty much stays the same.  Food is mostly tasting blah these days, I'm really excited to enjoy tastes again once she is born.

Gender: Girl.
Movement?  She's been freaking me out with some wild stretching this week.  I think she thinks she has more room than she realizes...

What I miss?  Being able to reach my feet.  And the ability to pick up something off the floor without it becoming a five-minute production.

Best moment this week:  Made some money at the Kid's Closet sale and - yay - finally got a haircut this morning!

What I'm looking forward to:  My fall student drama production is tomorrow evening - I am so excited to wrap it up and have no really big projects left on my plate before her arrival!  Next week will hopefully be a week with lots of relaxing and catching up on little things (maybe a trip to the grocery store? there is no food here).

Next Appointment: October 24.

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