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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Miniature Kitchen Assistant

I am really glad that it's the weekend.  We've had a pretty exhausting week around here.  

Hoping for a quiet, relaxing time.

Maybe a nap.

Or possibly just a chance to get the house under control.  I found the kitchen counter a few days ago, but the table is another story altogether.

The good news is, if I decide to deal with the pantry (ie dig out the expired things from the very back, where they may or may not have been since early 2009) - I have a little guy who thinks stacking and organizing cans of soup and boxes of crackers and bags of marshmallows is the best thing ever.

Maybe in a few years, he'll be old enough to be in charge of the pantry organization project all by himself? 

I'll keep dreaming.

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