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Friday, April 10, 2015

Oh, hai there.

Hello, friends. It kind of feels like I fell off the face of the blog world. My last post was just photos and it was four days ago or something. I realize that all bloggers don't have to post every day, but I strive for at least 3-5 good content posts a week...and right now, I've been averaging none.

It's one of those busy seasons of life, I guess, where some things swoop in to take over my hours for a little while. So, here's hoping that I'll get back to normal stuff around here soon, but in the meantime, here's a little of what we've been up to in the past few weeks.

I made Addie's Easter dress this year and was so pleased with how it turned out! Ultimately, I want to list dresses in the shop.

The kids are obsessed with building things right now. And Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

We bought Addie a big girl bed. I didn't even realize it was missing a slat until we got it home and Andrew said "um, did you see this?" Whoops. Hopefully it's an easy fix because the bed was only $15 and I was pleased! Currently, it's sitting in the basement because we haven't had time to take the crib down yet.

For some reason, I decided that the week before drama productions of my own would be a great time to squeeze in an audition so I can try to knock an item off my Thirty by 30 list and perform in a show again. I rounded up my second best friend whom I met in a theatre bathroom and convinced her that the best way to spend our evening was belting our hearts out and then laughing until we cried in my minivan afterwards. It was amay-zing.

We're still waiting to hear if we got parts in the show. It's pretty doubtful, since we didn't go to callbacks, but we had the grandest time ever, regardless.

Did you catch the part about how it's almost production week? Yeah. A week from now, I have five plays performing. Thirty-seven girls to put onstage for their own moments to shine. I really have the best job EVER. But production week is flat out exhausting, so I may be around just a little less than average until the craziness winds down.

Don't give up on me, though! Lots of good stuff on my blog post to-do list. Have the happiest of weekends, okay?


  1. I had so much fun with you, Julie! I love you!!!
    And I had a wonderful time looking through our pictures just now. We need to go through them and reminisce together, soon. ;D
    See you next weekend!!


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