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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thirty by 30: A List of Goals

Two days ago, I turned 27 1/2. And I decided, it's about time that I publish my 30 by 30 Goal List.

Have you heard of this trend? It's like a bucket list of things to achieve before you reach a certain age. The first time I saw a 30 by 30 list, I found it kind of silly - but the more I thought about it, I really really like it.

I'm the sort of person who makes a lot of plans, but I need a strategy to see them through. I do my best work at the eleventh hour, which means if I don't have a deadline, it may not get done. So having a tangible list to report back to from time to time? That's the sort of thing I need.

So here they are, in no particular order. Thirty things I want to accomplish by my 30th birthday! Some of them are silly, but some of them are serious. All of them are things I really do want to do in the next couple of years. Bonus: I wrote this list months ago, and have actually already crossed off a couple things! Yay! I'll keep updating the list as things are completed!

My 30 by 30 Goals.

-Take a dance class.

-Grow a garden.

-Take the kids to Disney World.

-Buy (and learn to use) a serger.

-Read the Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter again.

-Done. Open Etsy Shop.

-Visit 2 states I've never been to.

-Eat all the BBQ. I've lived in KC my entire life and have only ever eaten at one of our many famous BBQ joints.

-Read The Silver Linings Playbook, The Boy on the Porch, The Fault in Our Stars, and Night of January 16. I told my librarian husband that he could pick some books for me to read - these are his choices.

-Done. Make my own bread. I did this...and then my bread machine died three days later. New birthday wishlist item: bread machine.

-Attend the Plaza holiday lighting ceremony.

-Watch all Disney animated movies in release order.

-Blog - Reach 20K unique visits/month. Feel free to help me get there!

-Have an article published in a magazine (other than my ongoing review column).

-Sew an incredible Belle dress for Addie.

-Clean out my scrapbook room and donate some supplies.

-Catch  up on yearly Project Life.

-Pay off credit cards.

-Reach 100 Etsy sales.

-Attend a blog conference.

-Find a church we love.

-Blog the 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me series.

-Perform in a theatre show. I miss the stage.

-Direct a dream theatre show.

-Write a complete work of fiction. This is crazy talk, but...maybe.

-Memorize the order of presidents. So my history-major husband is not mortified at me when I start homeschooling.

-Read the Bible completely. I've done it before, but it's been awhile.

-Have another baby. I might be crazy!

-Host a BIG playdate with tons of friends.

-Start an adoption fund.

Did you make a 30 by 30 list? What would your list look like compared to mine?


  1. Love this! Serger buying and using is on my list, though Idk if it'll be by 30. BBQ eating is on my(almost) daily list (oh, how I miss KC BBQ!!!). I would love to see you on the stage again! And adoption fund--precious.

    1. I seriously know I'm missing out by not eating KC BBQ all the time. Even if it will likely just be chicken. :p

  2. I didn't know this was a "thing" but I had already been keeping a "30 by 30" list for a couple years now. Mine is mostly financial and trip goals. Definitely not blog worthy.

    1. Write it down somewhere if you haven't already! So you have a way to keep track of what you accomplish. :)

  3. P.S. You can take a ballet class with me on Tuesday nights. ;)
    Or I'd even change my schedule if you wanted to opt for a pilates class with me on a Thursday. :)
    First class from Kansas City Ballet is free! :D

    1. Boo. I teach on Tuesday and Thursday nights. :( Maybe in the break between classes I could go once??

    2. Well, they have a beginning class on Monday nights now, at 7:00PM, and one on Saturday at 11:45AM (As well as the Tuesday night one at the Johnson county campus and the Saturday morning Pilates at 9am.)

    3. I could probably make Monday nights work! Maybe! I'll ask Andrew and look up how much they cost.

  4. I'm working on my 30 by 30 list now! ( planned post for June 28th of this year! ) Great list! :D

    1. It took me SO long to write this post! I'm really glad to have it recorded so I have some accountability to do everything now. :)

  5. Let's go eat some BBQ, Dearie. And I have some ideas about that dance class.

    1. No idea when I could manage a dance class at this point, but BBQ sounds good. :)


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