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Monday, September 29, 2014

Currently // September 29, 2014

I've seen the awesome "Currently" link up many times on some of my favorite blogs around the web, but I've never joined the fun. It's been hosted at A Mama Collective, but starting next week can be found at Hannah's Joyful Life.

So, anyway - here's what I'm currently....

Fast asleep during church yesterday.

Thinking about // The 3,000 books that need to be sorted and find a new place to reside in our crammed house. What costumes to make for our family for Halloween. How I need to weed the yard and cut some mega trees out of our fence line. How delicious Lindt chocolate tastes, especially late at night while blogging. How I wish Addie would decide nurseries are okay so I can quit hating them.

Listening to // The Broadway cast recording of Beauty & and Beast. The movie soundtrack to Oklahoma. By Faith by the Galkin Evangelistic Team.

Watching // Anne of Green Gables. It is every single bit as beautiful as I recalled and I feel that all entertainment should be this heartwarming and breathtakingly brilliant. The scope for the imagination in average television is sorely lacking.

Thankful for // A lower-than-expected quote to fix up our roof before winter (such a huge answer to prayer). The opportunity to homeschool my children, even if I have yet to achieve a balance even for preschool. My parents' and in-laws' dryers, since mine is not working.

Enjoying // Sprouted organic cereal (not an affiliate link). Because I'm battling tooth decay (sigh), I'm trying to avoid all grains that are not sprouted because of their high phytic acid content. I enjoy eating healthy veggies and meat, but just need a bowl of cereal.

My resident Luigi.

Photographing // Kids doing cute things. My baby stroller and car seat to sell on a Facebook swap page (the car seat will expire before we could have another baby to use it).

Making me happy // Shopping for food at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. If anyone could inspire these brands to bring a store to my hometown, I would be super appreciative. Right now, I visit on Wednesdays when we're making a trek to our awesome chiropractor anyway.

Okay, so we aren't ALL quite that excited about Trader Joe's shopping.

Loving // That Lincoln has slept in his bed all night more than half of the nights in the past week. The fresh flowers on my table (scheming about buying more). Peach and strawberry smoothies. Blissful, beautiful sleep...which is where I am headed now, friends.

What are you currently up to? I hope you have the loveliest week!


  1. Hello! Coming over to visit from the currently link up:) I hear you about traders joes and whole foods, trust me! We have nothing in Alaska!! And also, Anne of Green Gables might just be the best movie ever. A favorite around here at this time of year especially.


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