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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MoDOT Big Truck Night 2014

In case I've never mentioned this before, my son has an obsession with vehicles. Trucks have been his most consistent love in his three years of life, so I think we're in it for the long haul. I've reached a point where I can identify every different type of truck we come across and my mommy radar can pick up a cement truck half a mile away (while driving) so that I can point it out to him with over-the-top enthusiasm.

It's the little things.

We were pretty excited to learn about an event here in our hometown where our kids could go see a huge array of trucks and other big vehicles for free one evening last week. Lincoln was excited about the regular pickup trucks we encountered in the parking lot on the way to this event, so you can just imagine his reaction when he saw all these big trucks up close and personal.

You can probably also imagine his reaction when he was forcibly removed from a police car, bomb squad truck, police motorcycle, dump truck, and tractor. When you're three, it's hard to take turns with the other ten kids in line!

Little miss Adelaide was not about to be left behind and insisted on checking out every single thing that Lincoln touched. Her latest is pointing after him and shouting "TURN!" - ie, "it's my turn!" It was pretty cute that she was just as into it as her big brother, until they were both having massive meltdowns and we were the parents who decided to scoot before things got (more) ugly.

It's blurry (ugh!), but look at that joy.

We actually tried to take Lincoln to a big truck event last summer, and he surprised us by completely freaking out, with an utter refusal to enter any of the vehicles or touch them or stand near them. I'm glad he's outgrown whatever weird phobia that was, because he had the time of his life at this event!

I think it's safe to say that Big Truck events will be something on our family's adventure list for many years to come. Huge thanks to the Missouri Department of Transportation's Kansas City District Office for putting on this amazing event. It's such a blessing to little families like my own to be able to experience things like this right here at home!

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