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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

College on the Cheap with

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by All opinions expressed are my own. 

Announcement: I don't have a college degree, and I'm totally okay with that. Would it be useful in my career as online influencer? Probably. But when I graduated high school, I wanted a break - and I didn't know what to study at college anyway. Rather than spending thousands of dollars and hundred of hours on a degree I may or may not be able to use, I chose to invest myself in a full-time job and the part-time work of teaching children's drama. I've seriously never doubted my decision.

If I had the time and resources now, though - there are plenty of degrees I would like to have. Early education, marketing, journalism, theatrical studies - as an adult, now I know I would love any of these fields. Unfortunately, I don't think it's feasible for me to go back to school while taking care of two kids who never sleep, but if I could, I would be looking for ways to save.

I recently learned about and I know for sure if I were to enroll in even a single college course, I would be headed straight there for my required books. There are some pretty great perks to renting textbooks versus paying full price for them!

-At, you'll save 40-90% off of bookstore prices! That's the kind of savings I like to see.
-I hate paying for shipping, and they offer free shipping both ways. Win.
-You can highlight in the textbooks or take notes as needed! I never would have thought that would be an option in a rental book.
-Each book has a flexible renting period - if you decide to drop a class, you have 21 days to return your books for a full refund.
-With each textbook rented, donate to Operation Smile - so your rental is helping an amazing organization, all while you are getting a great deal on your books.

Even cooler is their newest program available: RentBack. This is a new option that lets students rent the textbooks they own to other students and make money off each rental! I've heard stories from friends about selling textbooks back to school bookstores at a fraction of the original cost. But with RentBack, you can make 2-4x more money because your book might be rented multiple times! 

I'm thinking I may go dig out some of my hubby's old textbooks just to see if any of them are in demand by current students. We could definitely use some extra cash - not to mention the extra bookshelf space! Do you have a pile of textbooks sitting in your house? Why not set up a RentBack account and find yourself with some money and storage space to spare?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by All opinions expressed are my own.

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