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Friday, March 14, 2014

Celebrating Lincoln's 3rd Birthday in Kansas City

Lincoln turned three last month and we had a great day celebrating his birthday. Andrew was able to be home half a day, so we went out on a birthday adventure! But first, we got in some awesome firetruck playing when he woke up.

When he turned two, we took Lincoln to Crown Center in downtown Kansas City for a celebration. He loved it so much that we decided to visit again this year. Our first stop was Fritz's, the restaurant where you order by phone at your table and have your food delivered by train!

It is for sure one of the coolest kid restaurant destinations in our city. The kids love it. Addie was shouting "choo-choo" anytime she heard a train whistle blow. Neither one of them wanted to leave.

Lincoln even got a giant free birthday sundae. He was so excited. He very rarely eats ice cream, so it was a big deal.

After lunch (and a potty break - yay potty learning?), we headed to this spring's free children's exhibit - 75 Years of Oz, Oh My!

The kids loved this exhibit. They ran themselves completely ragged. Thankfully, there is only one entrance/exit to the attraction, so we were able to keep track of them pretty easily.

Addie on the yellow brick road? One of the cutest things I have seen in ages.

We are always impressed by Crown Center's children's exhibits, and this one definitely did not disappoint. We want to go back again before it closes!

After our trip to the land of Oz, we headed to SEA LIFE Aquarium, where we were so excited to take a tour of all the sea creatures. You can read my full review (and enter to win tickets if you're local) here. We loved the aquarium so much! I can't wait to go back again.

While we had a super fun time, all the excitement definitely wore the kids out. They fell asleep on the car ride home. It took some coaxing to get everyone away enough for Lincoln to be interested in opening birthday gifts.

We gave him some new books (my go-to gift for every occasion), a giant talking firetruck, a firetruck coloring book, and a big ambulance. Emergency service vehicles are the most desired items around here right now.

Since I was in the midst of planning his big firetruck birthday party, we just picked up a cookie cake from the grocery store bakery to celebrate with the evening of his birthday. Not the best choice when you are trying to eliminate unhealthy foods, but he was pleased with it. And he was so excited to blow out his candle!

It was a pretty great day for our little three year old. I don't know if he will remember this birthday or not, but I know he enjoyed it - so that is good enough for me.

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