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Friday, August 9, 2013

Overcoming a Toddler's Fear of Water {Summer Bucket List 2013}

Last summer, my lovely friend Stephanie invited Lincoln to go swimming with them. We had a blast, and couldn't wait to do it again - so it was natural to include it on our bucket list. We were gearing up for summer when Lincoln was burned by coffee. And then everything was up in the air.

For several weeks, he was not allowed to be in water at all. We had to do sponge baths. After that restriction was lifted, he was still completely terrified of liquid. It was awful, and made my mommy heart cry. Baths were a nightmare, he didn't really want to play in the sprinkler or kiddie pool, and if water touched his face, we had a full-on meltdown.

So I was really afraid to give swimming a try. I was afraid it would turn into a huge fail like some of other other summer activities. However - I actually really enjoy swimming, so I thought...why not. He's going to have to face this fear at some point.

We loaded up and headed to Grace's grandma's house a couple weeks ago (I only had to go back to the house three times for Addie's hat, Lincoln's life jacket, and something else I can't remember). We got everyone dressed in swimwear and headed out to the pool.

Lincoln wouldn't go near it for the longest time. He seemed intrigued at the way Grace and her friend Brooke were swimming around the pool. He watched me and Adelaide climb right in. But he insisted on staying dry, and ran around the yard for awhile (while I stayed close to make sure he didn't fall into the pool).

Finally, after he drenched himself with water from a hose, I decided it was time. I left Addie floating in a raft with Stephanie keeping an eye on her, and brought Lincoln in the water with us.

At first, he kind of freaked out and wanted to get out. But we waited a few minutes. He did not even entertain the idea of letting me go and kept his legs wrapped around my waist, but he was in and even started to crack some smiles.

We still have a way to go before he is ready to learn how to swim and will feel confident floating in his Puddle Jumper life jacket, but I think we made good progress. We've been back once already since that first time and he went into the water right away. Progress!

Little Miss Addie thinks the water is pretty amazing. She's more calm while in the pool than ever in her normal daily life. So, that's a definite win for this tired mama!

Do your kids like to swim - or do you face a fear of water, too?


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