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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Adelaide: 9 Months Old

Nine months seems too old for my chubby little baby. Where has the time gone? I'm afraid I won't remember anything from this first year of her life due to my sleep deprivation.

Milestones: You are officially crawling! You're just starting to realize that you can go further than a few feet away - yesterday you entertained yourself crawling between the nursery door and a toy in the hallway for half an hour. You are also pulling up on everything and bouncing on your legs. Please take your time learning to walk!

After weeks and weeks of you refusing to sleep without being held (or next to me), we've made a tiny bit of progress. Every few days, I am able to put you down for about a 45-minute stretch. You've gotten better at falling asleep for Daddy in the last few days, so I'm hoping that we're on our way to a new normal.

You've tried several new foods this month - applesauce, broccoli, a tiny piece of chicken nugget, Cheerios, corn on the cob, pears, and blueberries! Everything has been accepted willingly, though unfortunately this week your tummy has had trouble digesting solids (the trouble started after you ate an entire peach by yourself). You still nurse probably 7-8 times a day and a few times through the night.

I'm still not convinced that you know the meaning of words yet, but you babble all the time!

Loves: You and Lincoln have started to giggle and screech at each other and I am having visions of just how loud our home will be for the next decade. Now that you can crawl, you are doing your very best to keep up with him.

You love when we blow raspberries on your tummy and when we give you tons of kisses. You like your little purple blanket.

Hates: You still seem to hate sleep. You get angry when you are told you can't have something - and that has been happening a lot more frequently now that you are moving. You don't like it if I am out of your sight, which makes it difficult for me to leave you or get much done.

Weight/Height: Some of your 6-9 month clothes are starting to get snug, but 9-12 month still fits well. You're slimming down a little bit now that you are moving. You're still a chubby little monster, but I miss your giant rolls! I didn't realize they would shrink so fast!

Your hair continues to grow and is starting to look fluffy. I've been neglecting to put headbands on you lately, maybe I'm getting lazy!

You've been out here in the world with us just about as long as you grew in my belly. That seems crazy impossible. Time crawls when I am pregnant, but it is flying now. We love you, princess!


  1. Love the last photo with the cheesy grin! I completely agree about time flying too fast... and being lazy about headbands! Lynley hasn't worn one for weeks, but she pulls them down around her neck and tries to eat them and strangle herself! Ha :)

    1. Addie still hasn't really figured out that they're on top of her head, so I know I should be enjoying headband time while it lasts! ;)


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