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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lincoln's Reading Corner June 2013

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Thanks to the library summer reading program (an item we've already crossed off our summer bucket list), reading is back in action around here! We read 72 books just for the reading program, and have had countless re-readings of favorites since then. It's been awesome! It was hard to pick our favorites, but these are some of the books Lincoln has been returning to most often.

1. Noisy DiggersWe actually have not even read all the way through this book. Lincoln just loves all of the sounds it makes! He will sometimes sit for five minutes just pressing each sound button. And that's a really long time in my little boy's world.

2. Kiki's Blankie. This is a cute little book about a monkey and her blankie, and their inseparable bond. Lincoln isn't quite this attached to any security item, but he does drag blankets around the house almost every day, so I think he can relate.

3. Maisy's TrainWe've mentioned this one in the reading corner before but it is still pretty popular, because it has a train, a mouse, a duck, and a clock. I love books where Lincoln wants to identify every item on every page.

4. Clifford Counts Bubbles. Both kids will listen to any mini Clifford board book multiple times. The big red dog is a big old hit here in our house lately. We're also a little bit obsessed with "bu-ells" (bubbles), so this one is great.

5. Bear and BeeI really like this sweet little story about a bear who runs into a bee, but doesn't know what a bee looks like and worries aloud about how scared he is of meeting a frightening bee. The wording is simple, but clever and the illustrations are great. Lincoln knows the sounds that bears ("grrrr") and bees ("BEEEE!!!") make, so that could be part of the reason I love it.

6. Dear Baby, What I Love About You!  This is a book about a little baby girl and all of her sweet baby ways. I like to read it because Lincoln will point and say "baby? mama?" to the illustrations of the baby playing with her mom and it's one of my favorite things about this stage he is in right now.

7. My Truck Is Stuck. I tried to read Lincoln this book last year, around the time he first discovered Little Blue Truck, but he wouldn't give it the time of day. I'm really glad we gave it a second chance, because he loves it right now. I think he's beginning to grasp the concept of counting, so we count the vehicles on every page. Plus, one of his favorite words for the last couple months has been "STUCK!" This book is right up his alley.

8. That's Not My TruckWhile not as popular as #10 on this list, this one has been returned to multiple times in the last few days.

9. Truck DuckThis book is another of my favorites - just because he is getting better at identifying items and can "read" a couple of the pages in this one all by himself. "Boat Goat" and "Truck Duck" may be some of the simplest rhymes in the lot, but hey - to me, it's almost like he is learning how to read since he's saying the same words that are on the page. Win!

10. That's Not My Car. Oh my goodness, he loves this book! The bumpy, lumpy, scratchy and squashy pieces to touch are his favorites - and even little sister gets in on the grabbing action for this one sometimes. I've lost count of how many times we've read this book lately.

11. Moby Dick. This book by BabyLit is obviously influenced by classic literature. He hadn't been a super big fan of it, but now that he can identify fish and boats by name, he's way more interested. BabyLit is seriously my favorite baby book collection.

12. Lick!. I'm not really sure why this one is so popular, but he is fascinated with seeing all the tongues in this book. Maybe it's because we're learning body parts?

It's been a month of great reading success - here's hoping we keep this trend going!  If you're looking for more reading ideas, you can check out all our recent favorites here!

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