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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lincoln's Reading Corner: September 2012

Lincoln has never been that much for reading.  He has always liked books - they just haven't been his choice form of entertainment.  Then one day, within the last few weeks, he decided that looking at a book while having his diaper changed made life more bearable.  And since then, I've been noticing a lot more quiet moments where he will sit with a book and "read" it to himself.  He is also bringing books to us much more frequently, and insisting that we read them over and over.  Since he is the child of two librarians who own more books than we care to admit...we are pretty excited.

Lincoln has a vast collection of books to choose from, but we are pretty consistently reading the same handful over and over and over again.  I'm holding out hope that eventually all of our books get the attention they deserve.

With a toddler, things seem to change on a moment-by-moment basis, so I thought it would be fun to keep track of Lincoln's favorite books each month.  They may end up being the same for years on end - who knows!  But we'll give it a try.  So here are Lincoln's Top 9 Books in September 2012!

1. Clifford's Opposites.  This one for some reason is especially popular during diaper changes.  Lincoln loves dogs and puppies.

2. Winnie the Pooh: Board Book Collection. We have a set of 12 of these little square board books.  And they are loved.  Two of them, in fact, were lovingly dragged out onto our deck and accidentally left in the rain.  He still reads them even though they are a little bit waterlogged now. I can't find this exact set on Amazon, but this one is similar.

3. Pooh's ABCThis is an older book that I probably picked up at a rummage sale.  It has a rhyming text and he loves it!

4. I Love Trains!  This book is currently checked out from our local library, but we will be purchasing a copy very soon.  It's in the same series as book #5 and my-goodness-we-read-them-all-day-long.

5. I Love Trucks!  This one started off as a library checkout, but I finally returned it and bought our own copy.  Andrew and I both can recite this book in our sleep.  It's another rhyming book and is definitely the overall favorite in our house.

6. Usborne Touchy-Feely Cars. This is a large chunky board book with lots of great textures for little ones to touch.  Sometimes we read this book six times in a row!

7.  Little Blue Truck Leads the Way.  Of the nine books listed here, this is the only one that has paper pages (everything else is in board book form) - so I have to keep it away from him to prevent the pages from ripping.  But regardless of this - it has been the most popular book for the past few days.  I have it memorized already.  He loves it!  Great little story about a little blue truck that visits the big city - since I love NYC, I enjoy the illustrations even more.

8. I'm Just a Jealous Monster.  I picked this book up in a $1 bin at Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts several months ago.  I thought he would like the googly eyes on the monster.  Nope - he likes looking at the cars and trains that the monster plays with during the story.  Andrew reads this one to him a lot and has a great "monster voice."

9.  This Ol' Man.  This is the most random book.  It's the classic song - except the lyrics are super weird.  I've never heard of the old man playing knick-knack on a kangaroo.  Or on a shore.  Or in a pigpen.  Am I just sheltered?  Are these the real lyrics? Who knows.

What books are popular in your house this month?

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