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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

On Having A Lot To Say

Oh, hi there. It's me. Reporting back to this little blog for one of my "yes, I'm still alive - just in a really busy season at the moment" updates.

I sit here with a paper schedule before my eyes of sixteen posts that I had intended to publish before the end of July. That clearly did not happen.

It's the middle of World Breastfeeding Week and I haven't posted anything about breastfeeding even though it's one of my passions.

I'm behind on paperwork for my drama classes, my Etsy shop, and this blog.

The kids are asleep right now, but they are not super content to play by themselves during daytime hours. And when they are, I'm typically trying to climb out from under the sea of laundry and dishes.

It's just a very busy time of life...and we're not even starting school this year!

I have a lot of aspirations about what this blog may become...what the handmade market could hold for my I'll eventually (probably) own my own theatre someday. But these days and nights and weeks of exhaustion make it tough to open my eyes to greet a new morning - much less make a five- or ten-year plan.

I'm going to do my best to get back to at least semi-regular blogging again. It seems to come in waves for me and I'm ready to ride the writing tide back in now. I miss writing. My brain hurts when I don't make it spit out words that may or may not be read, since I doubt most of you are still reading at this point of this super random post. There are only nine things left on yesterday's goal list before I hit the few blog tasks I had hoped to accomplish. And my email is down to a manageable fifty messages in my inbox, so maybe I'll be able to knock those out in the morning and get to work.

But who am I kidding? The kids went to bed late, so there's a slight chance they might sleep past 7am. Which means, I'm sleeping too.

And I'm not feeling guilty about it. At all.

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