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Friday, May 2, 2014

Our Family's Easter Recap 2014

Easter was almost two weeks ago, but I haven't done a post with lots of great kid photos in a long time, so you can probably forgive me - right? Our Easter turned out much better than last year, when we stayed home with strep throat - so it was a great day.

We started our Easter morning at church. Getting toddlers out of the house early in the morning on a weekly basis is hard enough, but adding in the mommy's desire to look slightly nicer and it means the daddy may be the one actually dressing the little ones for Easter. I think in our case, he did a pretty great job.

I wanted to get some photos before the day got too far, as I fully expected someone to ruin their outfit along the way. Thankfully, I was wrong about that, but it was nice to have kid pictures out of the way first thing.

After church, we drove around for a long while and the kids both took naps in the car. Lincoln gave up naps months ago, but we knew it was going to be a long day so I didn't mind him getting some midday rest.

The afternoon was spent having lots of cousin fun and yummy food at Andrew's parents' house. The kids enjoyed a backyard Easter egg hunt. Lincoln caught on to the egg hunting after a little while, but Addie was more interested in just holding onto the first egg she found.

They were all pretty worn out by the time we were done!

Addie and Lincoln and their cousins Kinley and Max.

After that, we headed to my parents' house for more fun, egg hunting, and food. The kids still had loads of energy, but the parents were pretty wiped out. We crashed on the couch for awhile before we finally took the kids home and coaxed them to sleep.

It was a really fun day! In spite of having no Easter baskets, I think the kids enjoyed their day. I'm now on the hunt for clearance Easter fashion for them to wear next year!

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