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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why You Should Use Your Real Camera Sometimes

After Addie was born, I wrote a post about using my cell phone camera all the time because it was more convenient. And, to this day, the majority of my photos are taken with my phone camera. It's almost always with me. It's small and easy to grab and takes decent photos.

But it doesn't take great photos.

Sometimes when I go to clear my camera memory card, I realize that the only things I've photographed in weeks are products for blog reviews, Etsy shop items, or staged photos of birthday parties and crafts. This is not why I bought a fancy camera.

Yes, it's nice to have the proper equipment to take all of those photos - because they are important. However, in twenty years, I will care a lot less about seeing all of the interesting books we read or toys we played with than I will about the photos of sweet little faces and sticky hands and hair that's desperately in need of a cut.

Kids change so quickly. Way, way too quickly. So, snap away with the cell phone when it's the option you have. It may produce some of your favorite photos. But, if you have a nice camera in your possession, get it out and use it.

I snatched this shot with my DSLR in the flower aisle at Hobby Lobby last week.

Take a photo of the sleepy smile of your little one when they first wake up in the morning. Or what they look like when their face is stained with strawberry juice at lunch. Or the glee in their eyes when Daddy comes home from work. 

Don't just shoot at your house. I have so many photos that were taken in our living room. Nothing is wrong with that - but in twenty years, our kids might also be interested in seeing photos of themselves riding in the car or holding your hand at the store or sitting in a Sunday School class with their friends.

Think outside the box and shoot some new photos of your kids this week. Don't miss the opportunity to capture life's littlest moments. They'll be the ones worth remembering someday.

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