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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Toddler Time Tuesdays: Favorite Indoor Activities

Winter days with toddlers can be adventurous and fun - but sometimes, they are intimidating and long. Staying in a small house with small people day after day...well, let's just say everyone gets tired of each other pretty quickly. Whether you're stuck inside due to a Snowmageddon storm or because you have a newborn or just because it's really cold, you need to have an arsenal of great indoor toddler activities on hand!

One of our favorite activities lately is playing with math toys like this set of Bear Family Counters. I picked up a set of bear counters from a discount deal site several months ago, thinking that they might be a fail - but oh my goodness, Lincoln loves them.

There are all sorts of creative games to play with these things. So far, we've done mostly color matching and sorting by size. I usually just break out some Tupperware or muffin tins and let him sort them as he sees fit. Our set has three different sizes of bears, so we like to split them up into sections by size and color.

I'm planning to try out some new activities soon, like these pattern strips and measuring sheets. There's really a huge world of possibility with these colorful little tools. I imagine we will use them well into our early homeschooling years. I think it would be fun to have a kid-friendly balance scale to use as a teaching tool, as well.

The only downside to this activity is that it's a little too advanced for Addie to participate. The bears are restricted to her naptime, since more than once I have caught her eating them. We have a set of transportation counters to give Lincoln for his birthday next month - based on how much he loves these bears and his obsession with trucks, I assume we'll have a hit.

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