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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our Christmas Decorations in 2013

I know. It's January. I believe I said the same thing when I blogged about Christmas last year. I didn't take an official holiday break from blogging, but our whole family was sick for over a week - and that seriously affected my productivity level!

So, even though Christmas was a full two weeks ago and I'm sure no one cares at this point - I'm sharing photos of our holiday decorations. I love being able to look back at them, so please bear with me. Normal content returning soon.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we kept all of our gifts on top of the piano. There was a basket holding all of our advent books up there too and Lincoln begged to get the presents down at least once a day.

Excuse the mess on the piano.

Since I failed to take any decoration photos before Christmas Eve, you get to see the array of everything around the Christmas tree just waiting for the kids to find it in the morning. Have I mentioned that we have a bad habit of overdoing Christmas - and that it's the most fun time of the year to be a parent?

I had great plans for my mantle display, but it sort of turned into a big conglomeration of random. Oh well. We were taking down our sock snowman to play with all the time anyway, so I never found a perfect order for all of the things up there. The Mistletoes canvas made me smile every day, though!

You can see the kids 2013 ornaments
perched atop the gifts.

Our tree looked a little bit disheveled by the time we finally made it to Christmas. It managed to last the entire season without getting knocked down (unlike last year). You can tell that most of the ornaments had migrated to the higher branches by the time we reached the holiday, to keep away from curious little fingers.

We once again displayed our Christmas cards in our kitchen, using ribbon taped to the back of our cabinets. We ran out of space on Christmas Eve and had a big stack of cards floating around the counter for days! Next year, I'll put up more ribbon.

We also had some blue and white lights on the front of our house that I never even thought to photograph. Whoops! Every time we came home after dark, Lincoln would shriek "Chrisma lights on OUR HOUSE!"

Yep. Best time of the year to be a parent.

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