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Monday, May 20, 2013

You Can Call Me Josephine.

Josephine March, that is.  I'll also answer to Anne (the "of Green Gables" variety).

If you're a literary buff, you might already know what these two amazing characters aspire to do: write.  You can literally feel their joy when you read (or watch or perform) how they have overcome cruel editors - or best friends who add in bits about baking powder - and achieved their wildest dreams.

Ever since I was a very little girl, I have dreamed of writing.  My first story, Valentown, was written in second grade.  I'm pretty sure I still have the first draft somewhere (along with some delightful illustrations crafted by my friend Holly).  That one may not have made its grand debut to the world, but I have still had fun over the years composing short stories, fan fiction (Anastasia, Phantom of the Opera, and a few others I'm far too embarrassed to admit), and script adaptations. 

In 2011, I was given the opportunity to write on a daily basis for a local KC coupon blog.  It was a fabulous learning experience, but ultimately I realized that it wasn't my cup of tea.  It didn't require a lot of actual writing; just a lot of deal-seeking and fast fingers.  I have the utmost respect for frugal bloggers after having been in their shoes!  Once that endeavor reached its end for me, I decided that this little old blog needed a pick me up.  And while I was working on that project - another opportunity landed in my lap.

I was contacted by KC Parent magazine and asked if I would be interested in writing as a contributor for their quarterly editions of KC Baby.

Um, what?!  My name in print?  YES, please!

April-June 2013 KC Baby

KC Baby is a free publication which is distributed in over 327 locations in the Kansas City metro area.  It's the only resource in KC targeted to the pregnancy through preschool (ages 0-3) market.  So, in my book?  That's kind of a big deal.

My name in print. Excited doesn't even describe it!

My recurring article is a product review column, featuring the latest and greatest pregnancy and baby products I have encountered.  In my first issue, there's a nursing tank top by Glamourmom, a Britax car seat, and more.  If you live in the metro, make sure you grab a copy next time you are out! 

Now if you'll excuse me... I think I'll start my epic novel project next.  It worked out for Jo, after all!


  1. Congratulations on your new writing gig! I've dreamed of seeing my name in print ever since I could hold a pencil and recently got a job as a freelance reporter for the local paper. It's not a huge deal, but it still makes me so very happy :) BTW, my latest article made the front page this week :)

    1. Thanks and congrats to you too! Making the front page is totally amazing!

  2. Congratulations! I wish I lived in KC, so I could pick up a copy. It's funny how alike I'm discovering that we are after only just starting to read your blog. I just landed a similar opportunity with a multiples website/magazine.

    1. Thanks Steffany, how awesome that you just landed a writing gig too! It's so exciting, isn't it? :)

  3. Um, YES!! That is a super HUGE deal!! Congratulations!!


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