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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday Gifts & Stocking Stuffers from Crayola - #HolidayGiftGuide2014

Disclosure: I received sample products to review. No other compensation was received and all views expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

When it comes to arts and crafts supplies, I kind of believe there's no such thing as too many. Sure, that may be crazy and some people may call me a hoarder - but it's okay. I don't mind. I'll keep on stashing supplies so that we can have creative adventures around here all the time.

With the cold days of winter coming right on the heels of Christmas, you can't go wrong with giving a toddler or preschooler a gift that will help keep their creative juices flowing even when they can't run around outside. I breathe a sigh of relief when my kids unwrap gifts that will help them develop their creative imaginations!

Crayola, a standard for children's art supplies, has always been a favorite in our house and we were excited to check out some great gift ideas and stocking stuffers this winter! Here are a few of our favorites!

Color Wonder Mess Free Airbrush – $24.99. The Color Wonder Mess-Free Airbrush makes it easy for little hands to airbrush like pros. Just attach any Crayola Color Wonder marker, push the button, and the Airbrush sprays out a fine mist of clear ink that only colors on special Color Wonder Paper. Three themed stencil sheets let your little one easily create fun designs and images.

This is such a cool tool! Lincoln thinks it's awesome to spray Color Wonder ink and is constantly begging to play with it! I'm much more inclined to let him use it frequently since it's way less messy than using paint!

Color Wonder Coloring Pads & Markers - starting at $4.99. These are absolutely the most mom-friendly art supply on the market. Why? They only color on special Color Wonder paper - no marker stains on clothing, walls, or furniture! My kids love markers, but they are not great at keeping them on intended surfaces like coloring books. Color Wonder solves all of our artistic problems by letting them have creative freedom while I have peace of mind.

Normally, I hate dislike markers because the kids want to have every single color with the cap off at the same time. They get marker on their faces and their clothes, and a few weeks ago I found my first big purple streak along my kitchen wall. With these Color Wonder markers, none of this is even an issue - they can take all the caps off, scribble on my table or write on the walls and there will be no mess to clean up.

Don't get me wrong - I'm still not advocating wall art (whether it shows up or not, that's not a habit I want to create), but if it happens while my back is turned, I won't be left with a disaster to clean up!

The special Color Wonder coloring pads are available in just about every popular character you can imagine, and most of them feature metallic or glitter elements - they're actually fascinating even for grownups to color!

Tissue Paper Creations - $10.99. I'm saving this project to try after the Christmas excitement winds down and we are stuck inside during the cold winter months. The kit includes everything you need to make 7 different creations - and they look really easy to use. You just crumple, peel and stick!

My First Washable Markers - $5.99. Remember what I said earlier about markers on faces? This takes care of that problem without delay. These chunky handheld markers are perfect for little ones just learning to hold writing utensils.

Pipsqueaks Markers - $5.99. I love these because they allow the joy of using markers (it's seriously a big deal), a huge variety of colors, and a great little carrying case. They're sized smaller than normal markers, which means they're perfect for toddler hands.

Mess-Free Touch Lights - $21.99. I honestly wasn't sure I would like this when it arrived, but it has actually become one of my very favorite creative toys. It's designed for ages 2 and up, so my kids are the perfect age to enjoy it - and enjoy it they definitely do! The reusable touch pad has a soft gel surface that feels like real paint, but has no mess! Are you seeing a theme here in the art supplies I love? It plays music and has six different colors that change the look of the artwork with the push of a button. This is one of my favorite "in the car" entertainment toys - it is simple enough that they can handle it by themselves, but it is not a tablet or iPhone or DVD player and instead lets them be creative while driving around town! I want to get another one so we have one for each kid!

Crayola offers so many awesome and unique products...I can confidently recommend any of these items as holiday gifts or stocking stuffers for the young artists in your life! 

Thanks to Crayola for providing my sample products. No other compensation was received and all views expressed are my own.

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