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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Traveling with Toddlers: The Best of Branson, Missouri

So, you're thinking about a family vacation to Branson, Missouri - but you aren't sure that your toddlers will enjoy themselves enough to justify the expense of a family trip. I had concerns about this, too. Traveling anywhere with a three-year-old and a one-year-old is an adventure all on its own, so it's essential that you head somewhere the whole family can relax. For our family, Branson - one of the biggest vacation destinations in the Midwest - fit the bill perfectly.

Whether you are staying for one night or a week, there are plenty of things to try with your little ones in Branson. I'm highlighting a few of my favorite toddler spots below, but you can read all about our recent trip to Branson, too.

Traveling with Toddlers: The Best of Branson, Missouri.
5 Things Not to Miss.
1. Silver Dollar City. Whether you're traveling during the popular summer season or for the Old-Time Christmas Festival, there is no shortage of entertainment, food, and activities at this 1800's-mining-town-themed amusement park. My kids love the play areas and toddler rides.

2. The Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure. I was really surprised at how much my toddlers loved seeing these butterflies - and the bungee cord forest playground was a huge hit, as well.

3. White Water. If your trip is taking place during the warm summer months, White Water is an excellent stop! The lazy river and kids' play area entertained my toddlers for hours, easily.

4. Sight & Sound Theatres. Okay, so this one comes with a disclaimer. If your kids will sit through a long, live performance, they will be astounded at the majestic productions put on at this theatre. If (like mine) they are more prone to throw themselves on the floor and scream "I have to get out of heeeeere!," you may want to wait until they are a little older to try this out.

5. Hollywood Wax Museum. My little ones thought it was hilarious to run around and interact with the displays of wax people here, but the Mirror Maze freaked them out a little bit!

And if you're looking for somewhere to stay, the Grand Country Resort has several on-site restaurants, a toddler play area, indoor/outdoor waterpark (with toddler-appropriate sections), and fun kid-size bunk beds! Branson has so many great places to stay and play, but this one is at the top of our list!

Have you traveled to Branson with toddlers? What else would you add to this list?

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