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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lees Summit Downtown Days {Summer Bucket List 2014}

What's better than a hometown festival celebrating the arrival of summer? I've lived in the same town most of my life, so it's always fun when the annual celebrations roll around. This year, Downtown Days fell on a weekend that my hubby was sick and the kids were worn out from going on a Thomas the Train ride earlier in the day, but I was bound and determined that we wouldn't miss the festival - and they had napped in the car on the way home from Kansas, so there was really no reason not to pack everyone up and head to the festival! We just skipped the rides - I knew I couldn't do any of those by myself with them, even though they had fun last year.

Picture perfect angels, right?

Doing anything with toddlers is an adventure, but navigating swarms of people with a double stroller and two little ones who want to get down and run is an experience all its own. We spent a long time just walking around perusing the people and sights and sounds of the city. Hey, it was easier than entertaining them at home!

What it's actually like when I'm in public with my kids. Note the Lincoln blur.

We couldn't find anywhere awesome to eat dinner (due to huge lines and my unwillingness to sit in a restaurant with two kids by myself), so I finally said "eh - why don't we just eat ice cream?" I did not receive any resistance to this idea and my two munchkins happily ran around the ice cream shop while I waited in line (sorry, Poppy's staff).

Our dinner? It was super yummy. Lincoln thought his cup and spoon was not exciting enough and stole my cone.

After our ice cream, we wandered by the fire station and the kids got to climb inside some firetrucks. It was a lot of fun until Lincoln clambered over the console and got himself stuck in the passenger seat, which had the entrance roped off. After that escapade, we made our escape pretty quickly.

It was a fun date with my babies - but I hope Daddy is well when the festival returns next year!

We're happy to have crossed this item off our Summer Bucket List!
Come see what else we're doing to celebrate summer this year!

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