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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kansas City Door to Door Organics {Review + Coupon Code}

Disclosure: I received a gift card to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received and all views expressed are my own. I'm still subscribing to Door to Door Organics out of my own pocket, so please believe me when I say this is a great service.
There are two things you should know about me and grocery shopping.

1. I feel strongly about feeding my family the best foods available - whole, organic food whenever possible.

2. I despise going to the grocery store. It is seriously one of my least favorite tasks ever.

So, when I heard about Door to Door Organics, a grocery delivery service here in Kansas City, I honestly thought it was probably too good to be true - or far too expensive to consider. However, I was growing really tired of having limited organic produce selections at any of the grocery stores I frequent. I can get Red Delicious apples and bananas at Target - but if I want broccoli or carrots, I have to make a separate trip to HyVee or Nature's Pantry or even Whole Foods. And all of this is usually done with both kids in tow - so you can probably imagine that the process gets old very quickly.

Door to Door Organics provides a way to shop for groceries online and have them delivered - fresh - to your door. Here's how it works -
  1. Select a produce box.
  2. Choose a delivery day.
  3. Set preferences for your likes and dislikes.
  4. Customize your order each week.
  5. Shop for additional groceries (if desired).
That's it. There's no separate delivery fee or any hidden charges. I was pretty excited to try it out.

There are four box sizes to choose from: Bitti, Small, Medium, and Large. Most sizes can be customized with all fruit, all vegetables, or a mixture of the two. What comes in each week's box is predetermined by Door to Door Organics, but you are allowed five substitutions per week. We are really picky eaters here, and so far the five substitutions have been just right to make sure we have produce that won't go to waste. The produce is all certified USDA Organic and is locally sourced whenever possible.

In addition to the produce boxes, there is an entire online grocery store featuring wonderful whole food products that can be added on to your order each week, with no additional delivery fee! I was so excited to find local bread and eggs available in the store.

We've received two subscription boxes so far, and I'm in love. Price-wise, I don't think I am paying much more (if any) than I would for the same organic produce at my local store - especially when I take into consideration all the times I have driven to two or more stores in search of an item. With the delivery included, Door to Door Organics provides a great value.

For our first delivery, I selected the Small Mixed Produce box. Here's what it contained -

-1 lb Red Potatoes
-3 Valencia Oranges
-2 Russet Potatoes
-1 Garlic Bulb
-3 Kiwi Fruit 
-1 lb Carrots
-2 Mango

-3 Gala Apples
-3 Bartlett Pears
-5 Bananas
-1 Granny Smith Apple 

I also added to our order (outside of the produce box):
-Stacey's Organic 8 in Whole Wheat Tortillas
-Bread of Life Whole Wheat Bread
-1 Dozen La Ferme du Bonheur Farm Fresh Eggs
-1 lb Strawberries

My total cost for all this food? $51.86.

The delivery itself was perfect. I selected "please don't ring my doorbell" because I never have any idea if my kids might be asleep when deliveries arrive. There was no announcement that my delivery arrived at all - it was just quietly left on my porch. I was excited to bring it in and check out all the food goodness inside!

Farm fresh eggs carefully wrapped.

Door to Door Organics reuses or recycles all of their packing materials - boxes, ice packs, everything. When I unpack my box, I just toss everything back inside and leave it in a spot where I will remember to set it outside on my next delivery day. Bloggers tend to have a lot more mail than normal people, and I have piles of packing supplies and boxes in my house - I'm very glad to have a designated place for this set of packaging to go.

I've talked about the service, the contents, and the delivery - but what about the quality?

I'm pleased to say that the quality is spectacular. I like to pick out my own produce in the store, and I scrutinize each piece to make sure I'm not spending hard-earned money on bruised or spoiled fruit and veggies. This was clearly a hand-picked order, with great quality all around. Even the box of strawberries (what I was most worried about) were beautiful.

I won't always be able to include the add-ons like bread, eggs, and tortillas - but they were so delicious! I'm thrilled to know I have the option if we have the financial freedom to order them with our box delivery.

Our second delivery has arrived as well. I switched us over to a Bitty box, since that's a little more budget friendly. It contained the following -

-8 Bananas
-2 Kiwi Fruit
-1 Mango
-2 Russet Potatoes
-1 bunch Broccoli
-1 lb Carrots
-4 Valencia Oranges
-2 Lemons

Our Bitty box total was $26.13 plus tax. Again, by the time I take into consideration driving to multiple stores to find all the produce I need, this is definitely a deal. There has been a lot of yummy smoothie making in our house this past week! Lincoln and Addie scarfed down smoothies that contained kiwi, strawberries, oranges, broccoli, and carrots. And that makes this mama happy!

Door to Door Organics has been around since 2004. Their mission is simple -  to establish access to nutritious food to every resident of Kansas City and beyond. We are working to expand the market for agriculture that enriches the earth and all of us. We enable people to enjoy healthy lifestyles and great-tasting organic produce.
If you're in KC and want to try out the service, use coupon code jewels to get $10 off your first order!

You can follow along on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news. Make sure you check out the upcoming free Kansas City event Taste of Local 2014 for a sampling of all Door to Door Organics has to offer!

Do you shop for local, organic foods? Do you think this service would benefit your family?


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