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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Words She Knows {January 2014}

When Addie started saying "mama" and "dada" several months ago, I was shocked. Lincoln didn't say any words until he was sixteen months old. Even though he has turned into quite a little chatterbox, I kind of wondered if he would ever talk.

Addie, on the other hand? She's already talking up a storm - all the time. Before I lose track of what she learned when, I want to record all the little things she already says.

Addie's Words - January 2014.
-Nana (meaning both bananas and Andrew's mom)
-Belle (in reference to most every princess)
-Brother ("bru-buh") - sometimes.
-Pa (my dad), Papa (Andrew's dad), Pap (my grandpa)
-Turtle ("tuh-tuh")
-We think she says firetruck, but can't figure out exactly how she says it!

She knows the color blue - or at least, she knows that it is a color. Most of the time she gets it right when we ask her to identify the color of something blue. However, she also answers that just about anything is blue, so we're still working on it. She also repeats "puhpuh" for purple, but I don't think she has a complete grasp on that one yet, either.

She is also very talented when it comes to animal sounds. I am proud to say that she knows the answer when asked what a monkey, cow, duck, horse (this is a giggle), dog, sheep, dinosaur, owl (I attribute this to her first birthday party), or lion says.

At this rate, she'll be saying full sentences before she is two!

What were your kids' first words?


  1. Way to go Addie! It amazes me how quickly they pick up new words after the first one. Corbin's first word was no,no and Lynley's was techinically dada, but they all say that first. Her first actual word with meaning behind it was hi.

    1. It really is crazy how fast they pick things up!! I am happy she doesn't know "no" yet - though she does shake her head and say "uh-uh." LOL.


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