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Saturday, January 30, 2010

vacation - day 3.

Saturday (January 16) dawned beautiful and balmy. We had already docked at Disney's Castaway Cay when we woke up. Talk about an island paradise!

After breakfast at Parrot Cay restauarant, we headed out to explore the island. Stopped for a photo with the Flying Dutchman in the background. Apparently sometimes Jack Sparrow wanders the ship, but we were never around when this happened.

We walked a really really really long way to the adults-only beach, Serenity Bay. The ocean was really cold at 10am, so we mostly just hung out in the beach chairs and soaked up some sun. I've never been one to just lie in the sun (mostly because, hello, when is there time for something like this??), but hey. If I lived in the Bahamas, I think it could become a serious addiction.

Pretty island flowers. I miss spring and summer.

We left Serenity Bay because we realized we'd forgotten to bring along our excursion tickets, so we had to go all the way back to the ship. We took the tram instead of walking. :) After retrieving the tickets, we headed back to the island and came across this epic Crab Race. It was about as exciting as you can imagine 4 crabs crawling toward opposite corners of a circle might be.

Since we had our tickets, we got to rent inner tubes and float around for awhile - not as fun as it might have been since we were too lazy to walk all the way back out to Serenity Bay and we ended up on the normal beach with tons of other people. And it was windy, so we kept getting blown into the rope barriers, or the beach.
Anyway, after we'd had our fun with the tubes, we moved on to Disney's snorkel lagoon. Once you got out past where the kids had been kicking up all the sand, it was fun! Disney made it kind of like a scavenger hunt by sinking some ships and other things in the water for you to find while snorkeling.

It was like a treasure hunt. :)

All the fish seemed to be swarming around Mickey.

The snorkel lagoon was huge. This is the view looking back at the beach, after we swam almost to the edge of the lagoon.

After snorkeling, we were pretty tired so we found a nice hammock and just relaxed in the sun for just a little while, before we had to head back to the ship.

Our good friend Cedric was also in the Bahamas, and he was a bit miffed at us for not taking any pictures prior to now.

Sunset over the ocean, back onboard the Wonder.

There's always a random friendly passerby to take your photo when you cruise with Disney. :)

Me in a fabulous SUMMER dress in January. ha!

What Disney trip would be complete without a photo with these guys?

The evening show was called Disney Dreams and it's an award-winning show (best cruise entertainment or something like that). It's the story of a little girl who has to believe in her dreams, or she'll grow up. Or something like that. Anyway, you can guess who comes to visit her - Peter Pan!

While she's learning to believe, lots of friends show up. Like Aladdin and his grand parade.

And Cinderella. The set was really cool, since it could accomodate so many different stories and still look magical and perfect.

Grand finale picture. Beauty and the Beast was also featured in this show - beautiful - but was followed by Hakuna Matata. Really? I think that was a poor choice on someone's part. Oh well.

We found these glasses in the gift shop - they match the plain set I have in my kitchen cabinet, but I couldn't justify $10 a glass when I wanted scrapbooks and other souvenirs too. So a photo will have to suffice.

We met the ship's Captain Gus and he signed an ornament that we purchased. Not sure who was driving the ship while he was hanging out in the gift shop. :)

A photo enthusiast noticed us taking photos in one of these windows and insisted on taking the camera and experimenting until she got this really cool shot. I love people like that.

This is painted on the wall behind the clear elevators so you can see it on your way up. I was definitely lying on the floor to get this shot. Does that mean I'm a real photographer now? :p

Day 4 coming soon!

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