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Friday, December 11, 2015

God Gave Us Sleep by Lisa Tawn Bergren {Children's Book Review}

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book. No other compensation was received and all views expressed are my own. 

It's never been a secret that my kids hate sleeping. I think when they came into this world they had a secret conspiracy to be awake as many hours of the night and day as possible. Okay...maybe not really, but it sure did seem that way back at the beginning! These days, at ages 3 and 4, they sleep a little more routinely and for a little bit longer. I'm grateful! I view sleep as a precious gift!

God Gave Us Sleep, a sweet children's picture book by Lisa Tawn Bergren, is a gentle reminder for little ones that sleep is a very good thing, indeed! It offers reassurance that sleep is something that everyone needs - moms, dads, and cubs (or kids) included. Little Cub has a night of not-so-restful sleep during the story, and the next day realizes how grumpy she is, giving her the opportunity to reconsider the idea of embracing rest for the good thing that is is.

I love this book because it addresses the common issues kids have about not wanting to go to sleep such as reluctance to stop playing, last-minute calls for water, and pleas for "just one more story" in a manner that is easy to relate to for the preschool crowd. This is a fun book to read during playtime, or a sweet story to turn to when eyes are sleepy and the little ones are winding down for the night.

The strong theme of Little Cub's parents supporting her as she learns what her body needs and the way that they guide her to God as the One who can give her sweet dreams and adequate rest is excellent. The book easily weaves the family's faith into everyday conversation, something that is very appropriate for children to read and observe, while they are experiencing similar conversations in their own families.

Five stars from me! And best wishes to all of you tired mamas out there...may your little ones sleep ALL night tonight!

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