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Friday, January 23, 2015

20 Random Facts About Me {30 Things My Kids Should Know}

I'm failing a little bit at my "thirty by 30" list. I have not read any books, caught up (or touched) Project Life, paid off any significant debt, or traveled to a state I've never seen. I only have a year and a half left, so I'm thinking I need to double my efforts and see if at least a few things can be knocked off the list.

One of the things on my list is to blog the 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me series. And that, I think, is definitely still achievable. So, without further's the first post! Since these posts will be "technically" for my kids, you are welcome to read or ignore as you see fit.  

20 Random Facts About Myself

1. I've eaten fewer than 10 hamburgers in my entire life. I've also only ever chewed one piece of gum.
2. I prefer to sleep with the covers up to my chin, but a foot sticking out from the blanket.
3. My left wrist was severely sprained in a dramatic onstage moment (And Then There Were None, 2007) and still sometimes causes me pain so significant that I have to wear a brace for days at a time.
4. A little part of me wants to live on a farm, but I think I would balk at the amount of work it would require, so I'm not willing to give it a chance.
5. When I was about 8 years old, I refused to wear pants for an entire year. Dresses are cuter.
6. My dream home would have a library the size current home.
7. I want a cat. Kind of. Until I think about how there would be fur covering all of my furniture and clothing.
8. I never had any intention to be a "crunchy" mom. Cloth diapers? Psshhh, no. Eating healthy, whole foods? Why bother? Once I started having to make decisions for other people's lives (aka, kids), my whole perspective changed quite a bit.
9. Stashed in my parents' basement are dozens and dozens of journals from my childhood and teenage years.
10. Everything I know about blogging, I learned from Xanga. Okay - that's not totally true, but I did learn basic HTML coding and that it's important to post regular, interesting content to keep up a readership. My old Xanga had far more comment action than this blog! But that's maybe because at the age of 16, we all had nothing to do but write on each other's blogs....before Facebook, you know.
11. I'm a photo junkie / scrapbooking enthusiast with not enough time to keep up. It bothers me a lot that all of our memories are just sitting on a hard drive and not on display in our home.
12. When I was expecting Lincoln, there was one week I ate nothing but ice cream sandwiches. True story. Thank you, constant pregnancy sickness.
13. My cars have all had names, except for my (current) van.
14. I passed out on the sidewalk across the street from the Alamo when I was 15. Heat exhaustion.
15. I'm a serious packrat. I know this is not a big surprise to anyone. But perhaps admitting it will help me to overcome the irrational need to keep everything?
16. I think it would be fun to live in NYC. Maybe not forever...but just for a season.
17. I can't deal with scary movies.
18. I will always harbor a slight bitterness that Pinterest did not exist when I was planning my wedding.
19. I don't drink. The only exceptions in my lifetime are when I had a few sips of champagne (accidentally) at a wedding, vodka (on purpose) at another wedding, and one time when I had to order alcohol as part of a mystery shop.
20. I'm too tall to be a Disney princess at Walt Disney World by about an inch and that totally stinks. Even if it's not a career path that I intended to pursue, it is a mournful, lifelong sorrow that I shall always bear.

What's something random about YOU that you want all the internet to know??


  1. 5. When I was 12 I refused to wear pants, too. Only shorts and skirts even in the winter!
    7. Cats are awesome. I wouldn't worry about the hair. As long as you get a short hair cat and vacuum once a month, it's fine. My Tiny cat barely sheds at all. You might want to wait till the kids are older to get one, though, because my neighbor kid decided to dive into my cat boxes. That's gross. Also you're not supposed to clean them when you're pregnant, so better wait till Lincoln can clean it out for you. ;)
    8. I'm SOO glad you're "crunchy."
    10. I remember your Xanga blog! I never had one, though.... I have no idea how to make a website. Even though I totally had to make one in school.... hmm....

    14. I passed out at Missouri town at 10!

    15. I'm a serious packrat, too. My husband needs mental counseling to live with me. I have a new girl moving into my spare room (read junk room) and I have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH ALL MY CHILDHOOD STUFF!! ?!

    17. I don't like scary thing, either. Only comedies and action for me.

    20. I had NO idea there was a height requirement!! Why?!

    1. 7. I don't think a cat is in my future anytime soon. Being responsible for another living thing seems beyond my capacity right now.

      15. My mom has piles and piles of my childhood stuff in her basement... I guess maybe someday I'll be ready to part with some of it? #doubtful

      20. Pretty sure the reason is solely to ruin my life.


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