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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas in Photos - Holiday Recap Part 3 {2013}

 Catching up on our Christmas recap? Part 1 is here, part 2 is here.

We stayed up far too long Christmas Eve night, getting all of the gifts arranged under the tree and setting up the kitchen playset that was the "big" gift for the kids this year. Addie got to play with it a little early, since she doesn't sleep unless I am sleeping!

Christmas morning dawned and we read the Christmas story from the Bible to the kids while they climbed around on our bed, then we got diapers changed and headed out to have the most fun morning ever.

They were both pretty excited about the new kitchen and played with it for a long time before they even wanted to look at anything else.

Eventually, we moved on to stockings and other gifts. We overdid ourselves on gifts this year again, after saying all year we would simplify things. It's just so much fun to give gifts!

Hooded towel that I sewed.

The saddest Christmas story ever: we gave Lincoln the Doc McStuffins playset pictured above, and we think Addie threw out Lambie with the Christmas wrapping trash. Sad, sad face.


Once we were all thoroughly gifted and had had yummy French toast made by Daddy for breakfast, we got everyone dressed and ready and headed to my parent's house for the afternoon.

The kids were a little worn out as far as opening presents, but still enjoyed themselves.

My mom made a firetruck blanket for Lincoln and a princess blanket for Addie. They love them!

We stayed through dinner, which Andrew cooked for us. Spaghetti and homemade alfredo sauce and crusty garlic bread - it may not be traditional, but it was delicious.

Lincoln ate probably three plates of spaghetti, which is so rare right now in his stage of toddler pickiness. It was amazing.

We rounded out the evening with some Paw Patrol and took everyone home for some much needed rest!

It was busy - but it was fun. I'm glad we get a break, but I know before long I will be wishing Christmastime were already here again!

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