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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Fun 2012

I really wanted to take Lincoln to the pumpkin patch this fall. We visited last year (photo here) and while it was fun - he was not walking yet, and really wasn't able to enjoy all the things offered. So this year, we took advantage of a weekend afternoon with Daddy and headed out to Shucks Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch to have an adventure with pumpkins, a hay jump, animals, barrel trains, and more. What better entertainment for a little boy?

Warning: this is a super photo-heavy post.  I took 150 photos in the two hours we were there.  Only like 14 of them are here.  Don't judge, okay?

We happened to catch the hay jump at a moment when no one else was climbing it!  This was awesome for our little toddler, since he of course wanted to climb it all by himself (which meant Daddy was close behind).  The view from the top was obviously pretty neat.

Okay - the truth is, from atop the hay, Lincoln could see the barrel train racing around the patch.  You remember his obsession with things that move?  The whole time we were there, he pointed at this, yelling "Truh!! Truh! Truh! Truh!!!" 

Look at my big boy!

The hay stack entertained him for quite awhile, but eventually we grew tired of climbing around after him and strongly encouraged him to find another variation of fun to try.

He was bummed at first, but one glimpse of the barrel train sent him running across the field with great happiness.

And then we got to the train and realized that it was waaay too bumpy for a super pregnant mommy, and probably a bit small for an over 6' tall daddy.  The train took off without Lincoln.  He was pretty well devastated.  Thankfully when it came back, we were able to snag him a ride with a young friend of ours (her family owns the pumpkin patch).

We look tired.

I wish I had a photo of the look on his face while he was riding!  He seemed pretty worried about the experience, but when he got back he definitely did not want to get out, so I'd say it was a success. 

Does he even realize how cute he is?  I think not.

We ventured out to see all of the different animals.  This was the only chance I had to snag a photo, he ran back and forth between the ponies and pigs so quickly that Daddy had to run to keep up with him!  But occasionally he does sit still, as this photo attests.

Mommy, Lincoln, and pumpkin-sized Adelaide!

After all of the running and playing, we stopped to browse the pumpkins for the perfect one.  Lincoln mostly wanted to drag them all onto the ground, but we tricked him into posing for a few photos.

This lasted approximately 1.3 seconds.

Hey Mom!  I think we found it!

Overall - we had a blast, but everyone was exhausted by the time we were done.  Well, everyone except Lincoln.  He had to be wrestled into the carseat.  I guess he doesn't understand why we would ever take him away from this super fun place!

Shucks is closed for the season, but if you're in the KC area and looking for a great family pumpkin patch and corn maze experience next year, I highly recommend them!  Tell them I sent you!

Did you visit a pumpkin patch with your little ones this year?

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