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Monday, May 11, 2009

I promise one day I'll stop the constant complaining!

Some days I wish I had no hobbies. Or projects. Or part-time teaching jobs. Most people think the weekend is a time for relaxing, spending time doing little or nothing, partying, hanging out, just general fun, low-key, no-stress stuff. My weekends don't work that way.

Thursday-Sunday were a complete whirlwind. In the midst of all the plans mentioned in my last note, I was also trying to make about 10 props for my AGDT performance (coming up this Saturday, May 16!), thrift store and garage sale scavenge for shoes for the drama kids who have outgrown my stash of little-girl shoes, catch up on laundry (I think I have 2 loads waiting still), and clean the house (kitchen...half done, master bath...done, spare bath.......well, at least the floor is clean). Between housekeeping, teaching, volunteering (willingly or otherwise) at the theatre, and working at the library, I kind of feel like I have 4 full-time jobs.

It's 11:55 Monday morning. I am so tired. I rolled out of bed at 7:20 and somehow managed to clock in at work at 8:02 (yes, I showered, partially blow-dried my hair, and even applied makeup). I'm leaving in 5 minutes to take my literally stuffed-to-the-roof car to the church to unload all the AGDT costumes and props for today's dress rehearsals. Then it's back to work for AG book club. Here's hoping I get a decent amount of sleep whenever I finally get to crawl in bed tonight!!!

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