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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Octonauts Party Favor Ideas

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Octonauts Birthday Party Favor Ideas | Peso Medic Bag |

When planning an Octonauts birthday party, one of the cutest things you'll find on Pinterest is the Peso's Medic Bag Favor idea. But - what do you put in that favor bag? To live up to the cute outside, I spent some time putting together a fun assortment of treasures inside the bag for each guest to take home. 

Octonauts Birthday Party Favor Ideas | Peso Medic Bag |

I didn't really have a plan when I started, but ended up choosing little trinkets that represented each character individually. I don't know if any of the kids picked up on this or not, but I was pleased anyway. I did not use any food items because we have food allergies in our family and it's just easiest to skip it.

Octonauts Birthday Party Favor Ideas | Peso Medic Bag |

Captain Barnacles - A compass (found in the pirate party section at Hobby Lobby) was perfect to represent this favorite captain!

Peso - The Medic Bag, of course! I used plain white gable boxes with Octonauts bandages attached to the front.

Kwazii - A pirate eye patch was just the thing! The only ones I could find were Jake & the Neverland Pirates themed and came from a party store, but they worked just fine.

Dashi - Miniature cameras that have pictures of animals inside. Would they be better with sea creature photos? Sure, but that's probably too much to hope. I found these at my local party store, but you could also go with a Squirt Camera version.

Shellington - A magnifying glass. He works in a sea lab, after all! These are similar to the ones I found locally (I think at Hobby Lobby).

Professor Inkling - I used a plush octopus that came out of this Tropical Beanbag Assortment.

Tweak - Our party was in February, so I found perfect carrot Easter eggs at the dollar store! You could do baby carrots or some other carrot toy or food and it would be just as cute.

Tunip - Okay, so Tunip actually got the short end of the stick in this instance. If I had been doing food, I could have done "fish biscuits" since that's the trademark Vegemal item, but I didn't have that option. We can choose to believe that the Bubbles, sea creature stamps, ocean life stickers, mini sea creatures, and swirly bracelets were all somehow representative of this unique little dude.

Octonauts Birthday Party Favor Ideas | Peso Medic Bag |

Octonauts Birthday Party Favor Ideas | Peso Medic Bag |

Octonauts Birthday Party Favor Ideas | Peso Medic Bag |

Octonauts Birthday Party Favor Ideas | Peso Medic Bag |

With the supplies in this medic bag, you can be sure there will be abundant Creature Reports in your home long after an Octonauts party has concluded!

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