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Monday, May 17, 2010

new york city...part 1

Finally - here's a little story about a big city. :)

Our flight left at 6:55am...which means we got up at about 4. We sat in the same seats as on our honeymoon flight, but I got far better photos of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as we headed toward Manhattan!

Flying over Midtown and Central Park. I love that I recognize places from the air now.

La Guardia is quite welcoming.

First view of Times Square, as we rode by in our shuttle to the airport (we were the first stop - woohoo!).

Our closet-sized hotel room at The Edison Hotel on 47th Street. The drawers made a horrendous scraping noise every time you opened them....and we had no choice but to unpack our stuff into them - we didn't want to trip over our luggage all weekend.

Delicious Patsy's Pizzeria. This is one of our favorite stops when we're in the city!

With a Swedish Cottage in Central Park.

Belvedere Castle. I thought this was amazing. I wish it had been less crowded, so I could have run about, throwing my arms in the air and singing like a princess. That's definitely what it called for.

Exploring the castle. Photo by the hubby.

Photography by me.

We swapped camera duty with another couple to get some cute shots atop the castle tower.

Looking at the water throw the design work on the Bow Bridge.

Gorgeous flowers everywhere. Central Park is delightful in spring.

More pretty flowers at Rockefeller!

Andrew at one of our regular stops - Nintendo World!

Me with Carrington - the butler at Jekyll & Hyde Club on 6th Avenue. We actually prefer the small pub version in Greenwich Village, but this was a fun experience too.

Buttercup Bakery served us some amazing treats.

How I wish we had dozens of little places like this hiding somewhere here at home!!

After our first show of the weekend - Promises, Promises - I sort of got to meet Kristin Chenoweth. Check out the sweet photo of us together. Yeah. Excellent, I know.

Love oversized signage!

Times Square. Oh New York...what a great place to be.

At the end of the night, I realized there weren't many photos of the two of us here you go. Two travelers - weary from a day's adventures, but ready to tackle the rest of the weekend with much anticipation!

More soon. For real. :)

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