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Monday, December 7, 2009

well, it's been awhile (again).

I dislike winter weather. Really. What fun is a winter wonderland when you have to get out and drive in it every day? There are too many lunatics on the road. It's not fair that some people actually get to stay inside by their cozy fires while the rest of us brave the madness just so the general public can come check out library books. Really, people? This is why we have personal book collections.

No, it hasn't snowed yet, but there is talk of a coming storm. The library is remarkably quiet this evening. Usually in a case like this, there would be 3,000 people in here trying to stock up before the storm.

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus at BSCT has lived through its first weekend!! It was definitely Friday night - the first performance - when I actually saw every single child wearing every single costume piece (STRESS!!!!!!!!!), but they all really do look pretty nice. And while I never want to design a fantasy costume scheme was actually pretty fun. I enjoy sewing. I wish I had time to keep that up as another hobby. Unfortunately I can't even stay on top of all the other hobbies...

It's hard to believe that Christmas is fast approaching. I only have a few weeks, and I haven't even given the most basic consideration to Christmas gifts or plans. I have no idea what we're getting anyone. Nor do I know what to get Andrew. It may be a small Christmas in the our household anyway, after the rest of the expenses that have been dumped on us recently. Honestly - why don't people tell you about horrible things like tax bills that you have to pay in December? It kind of seems like I wrote all of this in my last post. Obviously I am still unhappy to be dealing with these things.

We went to the new Target in Blue Springs last night - between the show and a theatre meeting. I was thrilled to actually be in a store with TIME and I found some cute new shirts. It was a good day. I have a very limited winter wardrobe, so it was a much needed expansion. However, the Starbucks in Target did not have any peppermint and I did not get my peppermint mocha. THAT was sad.

I had 5 hours off work today and I spent most of it organizing and cleaning the house, and doing laundry, and really just trying to find the floor in the basement. It had been lost for quite some time. I also found a sweet Dancing With the Stars workout video from work in my movie stack and did part of it and it was pretty sweet. So maybe there is a fun way to weight loss after all...

I wish I had the time to be a domestic diva. Really. I want to bake yummy deliciousness. sigh.

Sad day: I am not putting up any Christmas decorations. I won't have time until the weekend after the show -- and at that point, it would be December 19. What's the point? :(

38 days and we will be in sunny Florida, followed shortly by the BAHAMAS. Believe me, I could not be more excited!!! Oh speaking of this, I definitely need a new

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