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Monday, December 21, 2009


The Honeymoon Scrapbook. It's done, folks. Completely, 100%, there's-a-title-in-the-front-cover DONE. And it's beautiful. :)

The Vacation. 24 days and counting until beautiful Bahamas. I'm waiting for my massive swimwear order to arrive. I'm hoping that out of the 7 or 8 ensembles I ordered, at least 1 or 2 of them will be worth wearing.

The Other Vacation. Oh by the way, we're going back to my favorite place - NYC - in the spring. We'll be visiting from April 30 - May 3 and I am so excited. We already have tickets for 3 shows, starring famous people such as Nathan Lane, Abigail Breslin, and KRISTIN CHENOWETH!!!! Not quite as excited as I was to meet Sutton - but hey. This is a big deal.

The Current Generational Fad. I really like the phrase.... "it will be epic!" But I'm afraid that I'm too old to use it. Sad day. :(

The Christmas Tree. It's ghetto. No lights, no tinsel, no tree skirt, 4 ornaments and a small stuffed ginger-person stuck inside the branches. It does have a topper.

The Christmas Shopping. Andrew - done. My family - done. Andrew's family - barely started, but I'm giving that responsibility over to him. I'll bet you're wondering how I managed to make so much progress in so little time. Well, let me just tell you - it's a gift card extravaganza for the relatives this year.

The Christmas Wrapping. Almost finished with this! I was blessed with an extra hour at home today (due to running a work-related errand on my own time), and it gave me enough time to clean the bedroom, start working on laundry, and sit with my wrapping supplies and Grey's (watching Season 1 again since I still haven't seen 3-5 and am not content to just move on to another show) for a couple hours. Thank heaven for gift bags. Whoever invented them should be made a saint.

The Christmas Baking. The what?

The Workplace. The crazies have been out in full force the past few days. I'm so thankful for a 3-day work week followed by a 4-day weekend followed by a 3-day work week followed by - gasp - another glorious 4-day weekend. It will be epi-----incredible.

The Television Series Status. If you didn't know, in our "free time" we watch DVDs of long-running TV shows. We've covered Buffy (7 seasons), Angel (5 seasons), and we're currently on Smallville (which is in its 9th season...we're on the 8th and striving to catch up before Season 10).

The Local Theatre Scene. Fantastical news concerning Starlight's 2010 season. It opens with Little House on the Prairie: The Musical which I have been dying to see a) because um, hello, my alter ego for about 8 years was Laura Ingalls, and b) Melissa Gilbert (who was actually Laura Ingalls) is playing Ma in the show!! Starlight is not a good venue at which to meet stars...but it's okay. I'm sure it'll still be a great experience! Starlight is also doing Beauty and the Beast, which irritates me because now my theatre will have to compete with Starlight. But hey - it's not like I'll be missing it. :) Also a local theatre is doing Little Women the Musical - and I'm irritated that I never heard anything about auditions. It's not a professional show, so it could have been a chance for me to have a Sutton role. UGH! I don't understand why people don't contact me before planning their theatre schedules....

The Schedule. It's calmed down. I actually feel somewhat awake today. It's a shock to not be 100% sleep deprived. We'll see how long we can keep this up.

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