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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adelaide: 7 Months Old

Little lady - I can't believe I'm writing another month update. I know that time moves fast - but seriously. Please, please slow down.

Best 1-Up Snapshot this month. You weren't cooperative.

Milestones: This was a month of personality development! You have an opinion about pretty much anything - and you are not afraid to let us know what you want. The things you seem to tell us most often? You don't like it if mommy is out of your sight - and it's even more preferred if you are always in my arms.

About two weeks ago, you decided one day that you were ready to sit up! It only took you a day or two after that to master the skill! You do occasionally crash over, but for the most part you are able to sit solidly and play with toys. It's made entertaining you a little bit easier! I didn't think that you would be crawling immediately, but in the last couple of days, you seem to have developed an intense interest in moving. You can spin around on the floor in circles (on your belly) just using your hands. I think you'll be army crawling within a week or two at this rate - yikes.

Just this morning, you had your first "real" food - an avocado! I want to try a baby-led weaning approach with you and based on our first try, it is going to be fun. You pretty much inhaled the avocado and threw a huge fit when I took it away to clean you up.

You are no longer sleeping in a swaddle wrap! You were really uncomfortable in it - and since you weren't sleeping anyway, I decided one day we were just going to be done with it. It hasn't made things much better or worse, though we have learned you tend to sleep better on your belly.

Unfortunately, your biggest milestone seems to be staying awake as much as possible. You fight naps and bedtime with all your little being - and you are good at it. For the last week, you have not slept at night unless I have been holding and/or nursing you. I love snuggling with you, princess, but mama needs some sleep. If you could just go back to a three or four hour stretch of sleep every night - I would be remarkably grateful.

Eating an avocado this morning!

Loves: You adore Mommy, Daddy, and big brother. You like to jump in the monkey jumperoo and play with toys in the bathtub. The toys you most especially want to play with all the time are Lincoln's cars. It's already a big job to keep the tiny-wheeled ones away from you. We have several chunkier cars that are Addie-approved, and you are happiest when you have them in your chubby little hands.

You love to nurse and snuggle with mama. You like riding in the Ergo most of the time (I usually wear you when we go shopping or anywhere like the park or the zoo). You're a big fan of bathtime with Lincoln, too.

And I think it's apparent that you are going to love eating food.

Little Miss Attitude?

Hates: You must really hate sleep, since you've been fighting it so much this month. Today you actually took a nap that was one hour and twenty minutes - you haven't done that for me in weeks. I am hoping it's a new trend! If we could get the bedtime sleep routine a little better, I would appreciate that too.

You despise getting into your car seat. Once we are driving, as long as you have a toy, you don't seem to care - but you scream bloody murder as soon as I start trying to buckle you in.

You do not like to have toys taken away from you. This happens most often when you have managed to grab something you can't have - like Lincoln's cars. I think the toddler years may be fun. :\

Sneaky face.

How is she moving this much? YIKES!

Weight/Height: You're growing, but it's not as crazy fast anymore - I'm glad! I couldn't keep up! You're still fitting pretty comfortably in 6-9 and 9-12 month clothes. You probably weigh around 19 or 19.5 pounds.

The headband you're wearing in these photos is actually getting pretty snug - I think I will have to make another one in a bigger size! I didn't make the original one, but I have the right supplies to duplicate it now..

Big brother wanted in on the photo action!

We love you, sweet princess Addie Rose! I wonder what the next month of life with precious little you will bring!


  1. Haha. The look on her face is awesome. She was super happy about that avacado. lol.

  2. That's awesome that she loved the avocado! Baby led weaning is soooo fun (and messy, when you let them eat it themselves). I seriously can't believe she's 7 months, either.

    1. So far, I really love it too. SO much easier than making purees!

  3. She is adorable! She has reached my favorite stage of babyhood, learning so much so fast, becoming more mobile, and experiencing so many new things. The time goes by too quick!

    1. It is going by SO quickly! I can't believe she's already reaching these milestones. Sniff.


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