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Thursday, February 9, 2012

stunts and ceiling fans

I have a daredevil on my hands.  A crazy, very determined, little man. 

Need proof?  While I wrote that first line, he climbed the baker's rack and tried to pull the microwave down on his head.  Not even kidding.

Every time I turn around, he is climbing something else. 

Or playing with something that is definitely not a toy (and how he managed to find it is always beyond me)!

And for some reason, he just can't understand why Daddy and I won't let him pull the ceiling fans down.  That would be the most fun thing ever, right?  Obviously.

His obsession with ceiling fans is pretty funny.  We walk into a room and the first thing he does is point at the lights.  Or, if you ask him "Where's the light?" he will immediately point and try to climb up your arms to reach it.  Daddy laughed about this when I pointed out the phenomenon.  He insists that it's just the asking of a question which prompts the reaction.  He demonstrated his point by saying "Lincoln!  Where's the beef?!"  And that child pointed at the fan, just the same.  Whatever.  I hold to my belief that he's a genius baby.

But, regardless of all the craziness and no matter how exhausted I am at the end of each day's near-death experiences, it's worth it.  I am blessed to be spending my time with this precious child.  And I know that someday, I will long for the days when the ceiling fan was the most awesome thing imaginable.

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