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Monday, February 22, 2010

vacation - bonus day! - day 9.

Bonus vacation day (January 22) was really not such a bonus. The night before, we were bused to Country Inn Express near the Atlanta airport. We arrived at about midnight, with no luggage (so no clothing, toiletries, etc). I almost hugged the desk clerk who gave me a disposable razor and shaving cream. For real.

Anyway - the flight to KC was pretty early, so naturally we had to get up after just a few hours of sleep and get back to the airport by about 7:30am. No security hassles - so we spent a lot of time just waiting to board the flight. And I spent a lot of time sleeping in random places in the airport. No so comfy. As you can see, Cedric was bored, too.

Self-portrait attempts when very tired + no coordination = not the best result.

Finally I just gave up and let Andrew take the photo. We look SO exhausted!

FINALLY aboard our plane! Thank goodness.

And, that's the last of the vacation photos. We arrived back in KC to cold and a little remaining snow on the ground. Not so fun.
It was an amazing vacation. We're already plotting how we can get away for another sunny retreat! :)
Thanks for reading along!

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