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Friday, January 29, 2010

discovery club.

Taking a break from the vacation series (partially because of time, but mainly because my neighbor's internet connection seems to die every single time I have almost succeeded in uploading photos) to talk about my new endeavor at work - Discovery Club!

DC is an enrichment program for homeschoolers hosted at most of the area library branches. It's been around for a long time - I used to attend when I was a homeschooled kid. Anyway, my branch has not had one in a long time because no one felt motivated to take on the project. Enter: me, the former homeschooler. I believe all homeschool kids should have fantastic opportunities, so I volunteered to start up the program at Colbern Road.

And WHOA! My first program, "Mad Science Presents Fire and Ice" was yesterday afternoon and it was a flyaway success! We had 88 people in attendance - that's crazy unheard of, for a first program. I was pretty excited.

Here are a few pics... Mad Science was a great program - I'll be asking them back to do more shows, and definitely will make sure my own homeschooled munchkins go to a fair share of their programs. ;)

The photos aren't great...sorry. They were taken with the library camera. Next time I'll use my own!

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