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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

life just never stops, does it?

I think last time I stopped by this blog I made myself a promise that I would update regularly. Well, so much for that.

We had the first night of auditions yesterday for The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, our newest BSCT adventure. Andrew is directing this one, and I am the AD. I'm still trying to figure out how to adjust back to the theatre lifestyle after having several months off. I'm not sure it's going to be a pleasant transition... Anyway, more auditions tonight and callbacks tomorrow. We're hoping for a lot of adults to show up tonight, as we only had about 3 yesterday - and we definitely need more than that!!

I have made a decision. It is a pretty sad decision, and one of which I am not truly proud. But it must be so. I am going to purchase our Christmas cards this year. I had already gotten the supplies to make a sample card, but I've had those for about 3 weeks and have yet to pick them up - so I'm thinking, now that my free time has gone from little to absolutely none, when in the world am I going to make 150+ Christmas cards? Yes, never.'s going to be Shutterfly cards this year. Oh well. I hope to return to making beautiful cards next year - and maybe everyone will understand. Still have to get that perfect Christmas card PHOTO, though. ;)

I currently have an awful paper cut on my middle left finger. I sliced it open on a p-slip at work yesterday. It hurts to touch things, wash my hands, etc. Not pleasant at all, but I (of course) failed to bring band-aids, so I'm suffering through until 5.

Old news now...but new to you! The honeymoon scrapbook has made much progress!! I believe I have 13 pages remaining until it is complete! This is so exciting for me - as I don't actually have a completed album in my possession, except for the basic 6x6 I made for Andrew the Christmas we got engaged. I cannot wait to have a finished, beautiful, wonderful album that I can hold anytime I want. So exciting!! :)

The Crop Club also went very, very well...I think that is going to be a fun little diversion from "real work" once a month. heehee.

And that is all I have time for. Sorry it may not be complete. Sorry it may not be logical. I must return to all those other things...!

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