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Monday, November 5, 2012

Hero of Hyrule: Halloween 2012

I'm just a little bit obsessed with costumes and Halloween provides the perfect excuse to show off the fun things I have collected over the years.

It's also pretty realistic that I never have all the right pieces on hand and will inevitably stay up until 1am the night before, desperately sewing hats and pillow shields so that everything is perfect.  Even when I am 35 weeks pregnant and already exhausted.

This year, I was really torn about what to do for costumes.  I enjoy coming up with a costume theme for the whole family and forcing encouraging Andrew to join in.  Last year, we were Mario, Princess Peach, and Toad - and the year before, the Scooby gang.  I really wanted to follow up this year with something super fun since this could be the only time I have a super pregnant belly at Halloween.  But the exhaustion was just too much and my brain could only do so much.  So the kiddo was the star of our night - and that's totally fine.

When I asked Lincoln's daddy what his costume should be, one of the first suggestions was Link.  If you're not familiar - yes, it's another Nintendo character.  Specifically, he's the hero of the land of Hyrule, from The Legend of Zelda.

The costume was put together from several sources.  The main portion (shirt, pants, boot covers, tiny sword) is a re-designed Disney costume I picked up at a garage sale this summer. The hat I made using a tutorial I found here.

I feel that I would not be portraying the character 100% correctly unless I inform you that Link is a left-handed character.  Daddy (who is a leftie) was pleased that the sword ended up in Lincoln's left hand most of the time.

The last piece of the costume?  A shield - in pillow form, because that's just fun - featuring the Triforce and some other Hylian symbols.  This was a joint effort by Daddy and myself, and yes - we were both up until 1am Halloween morning.  I will be writing a tutorial soon!

Lincoln really doesn't eat candy, so we didn't bother trick-or-trunk-or-treating.  We did, however, go on a small tour to visit all the grandparents!  Managed to trick Lincoln into a family photo by letting him hold a flashlight.  Please ignore my pasty-exhausted-sickly-35-week-pregnant-face.

Taking a quick ride on Grandma and Grandpa's faithful steed, Candy.  This is probably the only photo of him willingly holding the shield!

Here's a somewhat blurry cell phone photo of my pillow creation.  I was pretty excited about how it turned out...especially considering how little time I left myself to invest in it!  As I said - tutorial coming soon!

I'm linking up with Growing Up Geeky and Moments That Take My Breath Away for Toddle Along Tuesday! What did your kids dress as this Halloween?  I love seeing costume photos!'

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