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Monday, September 21, 2009

it's a rainy monday.

Apologies for my absence. I would like to be one of those bloggers who writes about fascinating things on a daily basis, but I don't have that many amazing things happen - and when they do, the last thing I have time for is to write about them!!

I spent most of last week suffering through a horrible allergy/cold/sinus mess. I finally caved and went to the doctor on Thursday (symptoms started on Sunday), and she said it was entirely allergy related. I'm just not sure, because it was pretty awful. Anyway, it ended up as a sinus infection and thank goodness I got meds when I did, because there were a couple NOT pretty days over the weekend. Yuck.

It's my birthday week!! I get pretty excited about a week before my birthday, because I get email coupons from Zio's, Red Robin, Moe's, Coldstone, Dairy Queen, Baskin Robbins, Texas Roadhouse, Famous Dave's, V's, Red Lobster, and Buca di Beppo saying "we love you SO much, we want to give you FREE FOOD!!" Granted, I don't need that much food in one week...but it's nice to be loved. :) So far, I have just used the Moe's. Hoping for Zio's, Red Robin, and of course all the ice cream!!!

People think my job is easy. They don't realize that sometimes, I spend hours searching for books on the "Origins of Agriculture" for 3-year-olds at the Ivy League preschool. Apparently we're trying to create some little geniuses, but I'm pretty sure they will find a lot more interest in "My First Big Farm Book" than anything that has a serious historical content.

Happy library tidings, the scrapbooking club at work is beginning this month! We had our first scrapbooking class last week - and I honestly will say I was not impressed with the style of scrapbooking used by the presenter of the class. She covered the basics pretty well, though. She will be at tonight's class, and next week's class - which is doubling as our first official "Crop Club" meeting. After that --- it's all me. Woohoo! I would love to work for a scrapbook magazine or company, but I guess this is a decent first step. Hopefully it will be so popular that I will be "forced" to expand it into multiple nights every month. Heh. ;)

On the scrapbooking note, more happy tidings! I finished 4 pages in the honeymoon album last night!! The poor book has been sitting there, just looking at me and haunting me all week - as I spent most of my time at home curled up on the couch wishing my head would just go on and explode! - and finally - finally I was able to work on it yesterday. I wrapped up the entire American Museum of Natural History 4-page spread, and there was much joy in my house!! I have about 23 pages left to complete. I can't remember how many pages there are in total...but I think I'm over halfway done!! yay! (so much for having it done by the end of June...remember that goal?! ha!)

Andrew and I spent a few hours last night cleaning out the garage. Wow, it's amazing how much junk can accumulate in the course of just a few weeks! We had not yet put away anything from the Summer AGDT performance...that was most of the problem. Thankfully, the space is now functional - just in time for the Fall AGDT class that will be rehearsing there today. I believe strongly in procrastination!!

In other news, we finally hung up some wall stuff in our bedroom this weekend. I bought a shelf set approximately 6 months ago, and it's been sitting on the bedroom floor ever since. We picked out a great giant wall frame with a quote - "Life is not measured by how many breaths you take, but by how many moments take your breath away." - or something to that effect. Anyway, we got that and the shelves hung and I'm super excited! I think I want to paint something soon. Most of the walls in my house have specks and scratches and holes and dirt and general yuck covering them. So it's time for a little revamping. Naturally I decide this a couple weeks before we start another BSCT production - when my life will descend into utter chaos and I will lose all sanity and lack of ability to accomplish anything from my to-do list. Oh well. :)

And those are my random thoughts for the day. Sometimes I wish there were a cohesive thought to the way I write...but then, this style pretty much describes my life right now, so I guess it's all right. Here's hoping I don't wait weeks to post again!

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