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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Disney Dreams: An Enchanted Pajama Party // #DisneySide

Disclosure: I received party supplies and samples to facilitate hosting this event. No other compensation was received and all views expressed are my own. 

It's not a secret that I'm a huge Disney fan, so I was incredibly excited to be selected as a host for a Disney Side @Home Celebration this winter! My friend Stephanie, who blogs over at Moments That Take My Breath Away, was given the chance to host a party too, and the two of us decided to combine our efforts for an epic Disney bash.

After a lot of late night Facebook chat brainstorming, we decided that we would host a preschool Pajama Party, featuring breakfast snack foods, crafts and activities, and even a special guest visitor. We gathered up every Disney toy we own (and let's just say that's A LOT), invited lots of young Disney fans, turned up some Disney tunes, and partied the day away! We didn't send formal invitations in the mail, but it would have been really simple to adapt my DIY Mickey Mouse Party Invitations with a dreamy touch!

Since we were throwing an enchanted pajama bash, we carried the sleep/dream theme throughout the party. Our front door sign (above) featured a famous quote from Walt Disney, and the sentiment was echoed in the Mickey Mouse themed banner we displayed (below).

Stephanie is a food artist far more talented than I (have you seen the owl cake we she made for Addie's first birthday?), and she put together an impressive display of Disney themed snacks for everyone to munch on. Between Mickey and Minnie Cinnamon Rolls, Fairy Godmother (Fruit) Wands, and Luigi's Leaning Tower of (Donut) Tires, the table display was downright adorable.

The kids were more than happy to grab some snacks and devour them!

For entertainment, we had three main stations for the kids to cycle through: Cozy Cone Motel's Moonlit Raceway, Sweet Dreams Station, and Every Princess Needs Her Beauty Sleep (a princess makeover station - you can find that one on Stephanie's blog).

The Cozy Cone Motel's Moonlit Raceway featured lots of Cars themed plush toys, a giant Cozy Cone (still on hand from the theatrical release when my husband worked at a movie theater), and a race track so the kids could test out their racing skills!

The track was a big hit and the kids returned to it many times throughout the party to send some cars flying down the road!

The Sweet Dream Station featured plain white pillowcases, fabric markers, and Mickey Mouse stencils to allow each child to design their own Mickey Mouse pillow! Some of the sweetest dreams are Disney dreams, right? I know I dream about returning to Disney World someday!

This ended up being a really fun station, and the kids (especially the girls...and the moms!) were all very excited to create their own personalized Mickey pillowcases. This station held Lincoln's interest for about thirty seconds, and then he was back to playing with Cars.

Since there were a lot of little princesses in attendance at our bash, we thought it only appropriate to have a Princess Storytime. The preschoolers got to meet Princess Belle live and in person, and this crazy theatre lady got to portray a pretty epic role. Dreams were coming true all over the place!

Princess Belle read a story about being as polite as a princess first, then followed up with some Disney bedtime stories.

It's actually really difficult to read books while wearing gloves. You heard it here first, friends!

Storytime was a great least, I thought so. Maybe I'm biased, though. Okay, I am...I admit it. But I'll let you all judge how the kids liked it, based on the photo below.

We kept the fun right on going after Belle went back to being just a mama helping to host a party and played "Pin the Sorcerer's Hat on Mickey." It sort of looks like a nightcap, so it fit the theme perfectly! The kids got a big kick out of closing their eyes for the game. Most of them cheated, but most of them couldn't figure out how to keep their eyes closed and move at the same time. It was cute.

We ended the party by asking everyone to join in a dance party to earn their favors!

I keep cracking up looking at these photos of Lincoln. He was having the BEST time. All of the kids loved dancing themselves silly!

We had the best time at our Disney Side party! Lincoln and Addie talked about it for days on end, and kept wanting to know when we would have another party. The good news is...with Disney, you never run out of party ideas!

Disclosure: Thanks to Disney Side @Home Celebrations for providing many elements of our party. All opinions expressed are my own. For more information, you can read my Disclosure Policy.

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