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Saturday, May 22, 2010

new york city...part 2

We had breakfast Saturday morning with some friends - including our favorite Broadway star, Miss Katherine (center).

Anessa and Ally sat at the grown-up table with us.

I had a cinnamon-raisin NY style bagel with strawberry cream cheese and it was delicious.

After breakfast, we all went for a walk in Central Park.

Swinging, swinging, swinging!

Cedric jumped out of the Epiphanie to demand a photo, since we always forget to take pictures of him even though he goes with us almost everywhere.

Three friends hanging out in Central Park - Eli, Baylor, and Katherine.

The building above this restaurant is Katherine's new NYC apartment!

Lunch with everyone at Blockheads Mexican restaurant.

Definitely some models wandering around the city that weekend...

Junior's sells the most delicious cheesecake!! What I wouldn't give for a slice of this right now.

Our Saturday matinee was Lend Me A Tenor, starring Tony Shalhoub and Justin Bartha. This show was one of the funniest performances we have ever witnessed. We couldn't stop laughing!

Me and Justin Bartha (aka Riley from National Treasure). Hilarious.

Me with Tony Shalhoub, best known for his role as "Mr. Monk."

So I still have tendonitis in my feet. NYC is not the place for this to happen, because I refuse to be practical and wear ugly tennis shoes in the city. So here's what I wear instead...and then I just pay the price of pain.

Riding down from the 14th floor.

Toys R Us on Times Square. We'd never been here before! Lots of cool stuff.

CandyLand! It really exists.

This Toys R Us is so huge that it has a ferris wheel inside the store. It's pretty awesome.

Giant sock monkey! I didn't have room in my suitcase...nor do I have anywhere to put him at home. But he was super cute.

Life-sized Barbie house. I would have died to see this when I was about 7. Coolest thing ever.

M&Ms World is one of my favorite places on Times Square. We usually always go there, even if we don't buy anything.

Walter Kerr Theatre, where Katherine is performing in A Little Night Music (until June 20 - go see her).

Loved seeing her name on the cast list!

Me and the fantastic Miss Katherine. She gave us a backstage tour and it was so much fun to be on a real Broadway stage...even if only for a few minutes!! So many exciting things are ahead for her...I just know it.

The weekend we went happened to be the same weekend that the Times Square Bomb threat happened. This is what Times Square looked like at 11:00pm. Our hotel was about half a block away from here. It was weird and scary to see it emptied out like this!

There wasn't any information posted, or any announcements, so we turned on the TV to find out what was going on. Freaky!

More soon! :)

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